The Mindset of Dynamic Leadership

How inspiring leaders organize their internal lives to navigate challenges. Insights and tools to help you lead through change.

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Race and Equality



The Disruptor Mindset: Decoded

How They Do It

In this ongoing thought leadership series, Dr. Gervais sets out to uncover the psychological frameworks and mental skills that help great business leaders meet the demand of their environments. Gervais explores how these men and women were able to fundamentally change the narrative in industries, businesses, and culture - and makes those insights relevant and applicable.

We are in a unique moment in world history.

From the devastating loss of life in the pandemic to the financial fallout and the closing of businesses, industries and schools to the public protests and the struggle for racial equality, we are collectively confronted by a reality few of us could have ever imagined.

In this ongoing series, I’ve had conversations with friends inside our community to explore how they organize their internal lives to effectively navigate the great challenges we face. I wanted to uncover the psychological frameworks and mental skills they use to inspire positive change in the world. I spoke with women disrupting business, leaders operating against the backdrop of crisis and, in the most recent iteration, remarkable people paving the way towards racial justice and a more equitable future.

I’m honored to be doing this project in partnership with Microsoft. We hope you appreciate the applied insights of these leaders as much as we do.

With fire, Michael Gervais, PhD.

Change—and the ability to navigate change—starts within.
Learn how to train your mind like you train your body.